For Businesses
Every business needs a good website, and every website needs good photos. If your photos are mostly cell phone uploads, you’re missing out an opportunity to enhance your corporate image. Photos taken with a better camera and lighting will look more appealing. Profile pictures of your staff will look more polished and professional. 

Corporate Libraries and Branding
Image management is an essential part of a business identity. Your photos can be used for internal or external purposes. Internal use includes training manuals and company correspondence. External use is marketing or sales. I can help manage or refine your image collection.

For Actors and Performers
For a performing artist, having good photos is an important tool for getting ahead. Beyond having a good headshot, a good photo can help people connect with you. I’ve met a surprising number of talented performers across several genres who either don’t know how to pose or don’t like having their picture taken. I can help you look and feel better in front of the lens.

For Individuals
Ordinary people need photos too! Whether it’s for a business profile or a dating app, we all need better photos these days. But taking pictures can be intimidating! I create a low pressure environment, with a casual and friendly approach.